• TBG planning

    TBG is meticulous when it comes to planning and ensuring all details are defined, developing a project plan with key milestones for all parties to use as a roadmap throughout the weeks leading up to any event

  • TBG process

    Our process is pretty simple. We build the project plan for all things merch, we clearly and persistently communicate throughout the each phase of the event, whether prior to, during and after the event, alleviating your team's effort

  • TBG execution

    Execution is in the details and that is something TBG does really well. The overall experience will execute each client's vision with the project completed flawlessly and on time, every time. If not, TBG will make it right

  • event team apparel

    Looking good + team continuity + brand alignment is a great formula for success at your next event. TBG will outfit your team and ensure all three are achieved

  • unique giveaways

    We don't believe in giving something away just because. It needs to be of relevance, with high function and high perceived value to stay top on mind for prospects and clients alike

  • event space setup

    Event setup is equally as important as location in our experience when it comes to events. If you want traffic, your setup needs to be enticing, while statying on brand

have an upcoming event?

TBG understands the great effort that goes into any event and as an extension of your team our goal is to alleviate as much of your internal team's effort as possible.

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